First Home Loan

Owning your own home just got a lot easier with a First Home Loan

With a First Home Loan you only need a 5% deposit which makes getting into your first home that much easier.

A First Home Loan offers the option of two or more borrowers living together, jointly borrowing to purchase a home.

You may be eligible for a First Home Loan if:

  • You will be living in the home you purchase
  • You have a maximum household income of $95,000 per annum before tax (1 borrower)
  • You can have a maximum of household income of $150,000 per annum before tax (2 or more borrowers)
  • You have an income of no more than $150,000 (before tax) for an individual buyer who has one or more dependents
  • You are a first home buyer

Applying for a First Home Loan is similar to applying for one of our home loans. For more information check out our FAQ's, give us a call or visit Kāinga Ora's website.

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