Westforce Account Migration

On Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March we will be moving Westforce accounts over to the FCU system. In order to do this there will be a system outage from 11pm Saturday 23rd March until 12pm Sunday 24th March.

During this time online transactions, internet and mobile banking services will be unavailable. You will still be able to access funds in your account via Eftpos, however, Paywave transactions will decline.

Got a question about the process? Check out the FAQ's below, or give our team a call.

  • We’ll begin the migration on Saturday 23rd March at approximately 11pm. All services(FCU and WFCU) will be unavailable until approximately 12pm Sunday 24th March.  Our team will be working in the background during this time to ensure that everything comes across smoothly, however, like all projects of this nature, there may be some delays. If this happens we will update you on the First Credit Union Facebook Page.

  • Since Westforce transferred to First Credit Union in August 2022, we have been running two core banking systems. The good news is we are both operating on the same core banking system (Finzsoft), so migrating Westforce members over to our system will be an automated process, rather than manual.

  • Once we start the migration process on Saturday evening :

    • Your Westforce Internet and Mobile Banking app will no longer work, you can delete it from your phone. You will need to download the First Credit Union Mobile Banking App. Our app is available in both the Google Play and Apple App Store. To login for the first time use your NEW member number and your current password.
    • You will be able to access funds in your account via Eftpos, however, some online, ATM and Paywave transactions will decline during this time.

    We suggest you get some cash out on Friday to ensure you aren’t caught short during this downtime.

    When the migration is complete:

    • You will be able to access internet and Mobile Banking again. Please note: you will need to use First Credit Union’s Internet and Mobile Banking app to do so.
    • You can use your Westforce Debit Card as you normally would.
  • Yes. Your Member Number has changed slightly, your new member number is on the letter we sent you. Please make note of this as you will need it for logging in to Internet and Mobile Banking.

    If you did not receive the letter sent to you, please give our team a call.

  • There are no changes to your full bank account number. Any payments you have coming into your account using your old account number will still work. You do not need to make any changes to automatic payments, direct credits/ payroll.

    • Any payments (direct debits or automatic payments) that you have set up on your account will be set up on your First Credit Union account and will run/ process as usual.
    • First Credit Union has payments 365, which means that once you have migrated to our system you will be able to send and receive payments every day of the year.

    Please note: You will be unable to set up any payments/ transfer money during the migration process.

  • We will be removing the ‘Westforce’ Internet Banking login button from the homepage of our website on Saturday 23rd March. Once the migration is complete on Sunday 24th March, you’ll now need to login to internet banking using the “FCU Internet Banking” button. To login use your NEW member number and current internet banking password.

  • To log in to the FCU’s Internet or Mobile Banking you will need to use your NEW member number as your username. If you have not received the letter we sent out, or need some assistance, please give our team a call.

    Your password has not changed, to complete your login simply use the password you currently use.

  • Absolutely! Our Call Centre will be open on Sunday 24 March 8.30am to 3pm to assist you if you have any issues using your new FCU Mobile Banking App/ Internet Banking. Please give us a call if there is anything you need assistance with.