Scam Warning: Email Attachments

New Zealander's are currently being affected by a malware campaign which is spread through attachments or links in emails.

These emails may look genuine and come from people you know. Once the attachment is open this triggers the infection and the cyber attacker gains access to your computer, which can include your Internet Banking details.

If you receive an email from someone you know which seems out of the ordinary call or text them before opening the attachment or link.


What to do:

The virus currently being spread via malicious documents which are attached or linked in emails. Therefore, it is important that you take the following measures:

  • Ensure the anti-virus software on your device is active and up-to-date
  • Use an email provider that has good filtering for spam and other malicious emails
  • Use your anti-virus to scan any documents attached, or downloaded from emails before you open them
  • Report any suspicious emails to your IT Support Team
  • When opening a document from an email, if you’re prompted to “enable macros” or “run macros”, click no


Read more about the virus at certnz