Employee Financial Wellness

Employee Financial Wellness

First Credit Union is here to help your Employees gain freedom from financial stress.

When it comes to finances, 69% of New Zealander's are concerned about money. This concern affects Kiwis in a variety of ways from feeling stressed, missing out on social activities, making unhealthy decisions and not accessing health care services when they would otherwise.


Financial Wellness

As a caring employer, you’re concerned with the overall wellbeing of your employees. They’re the engine of your company. As a responsible employer, you’re also concerned with the impact their financial stress has on their job performance.

Financially distressed employees:

  • Are less productive
  • Experience more health issues
  • Have higher absentee rates than other workers
  • Are more distracted and less productive

That’s where we can help, at absolutely no cost to you.


What can we offer you?

By partnering with First Credit Union, we can help improve the financial wellbeing of your employees with products and services that can help make their finances work for them not against them.

At First Credit Union, our products and services begin with your employee’s needs.

We can offer:

  • High interest savings accounts
  • No fee personal loans at a special rate*
  • Loan protection insurance


Our point of Difference

First Credit Union has a history of putting people first. It was the very principal -People Helping People- we were founded on 65 years ago.

First Credit Union is a not-for-profit cooperative. Our members come first. Not profits, not overseas shareholders, but our members and the communities we serve.

We return any profits we make to our members as higher saving rates, lower loan rates and free or low-cost services. Our personal banking products are designed to make your finances easier to manage.

Our team are locals who are passionate about our communities and regularly volunteer. First Credit Union also support many local organisations, events, sports teams and individuals through sponsorship.

When your company partners with First Credit Union, you’re giving your employees a benefit they can count on while improving productivity, employee engagement and their overall well being.

Together, we help your employees enjoy the freedom from worrying about their finances. We look forward to being able to help your employees gain freedom from financial stress.


Our Vision: To help everyday kiwis succeed

Our Values: Honesty, Transparency, Fairness, Supportive

Our Belief: We can help kiwis achieve their goals within their means


*Normal lending criteria applies.