Non Standard Fees

The following fees may be charged.

Alter an existing automatic payment $5.00
Automatic Payment- per cancellation $3.00
Dishonoured outgoing bill or automatic payment $15.00
Dishonoured direct debit $10.00
Direct Credit Recovery $50.00
Stopped Cheque (per cheque) $25.00
Stopped cheque presented (per reversal) $25.00
Special Answer (per cheque, for NZ cheques only) $32.00
Dormant account fee (per year)** $100.00
Overdraft Establishment $5.00
Overdraft Redraw $5.00
Overdraft (Unarranged) $10.00
Fixed term/ reducing overdraft application $20.00
Statement request $2.00
Request to have statement faxed $5.00
Transaction search fee (per hour) $25.00
Reversal of payment made (TBF) $15.00
Early withdrawal fee $20.00
S10 Money Maker Account- staff assisted withdrawals or transfers (one free transaction per month) $5.00
Collection/ Debt Recovery Fees  
Equifax Lodgement $25.00
Arrears Letter $10.00
Notice of arrears letter $20.00
First Credit Union field visit $20.00
Pre-possession notice fee $30.00
Repossession fee $50.00
Post possession notice $25.00
Statement after sale fee notice $25.00
Final notice fee $20.00

** Charged if your account is inactive for a year and we can’t locate you. We’ll refund the charges if you make a claim within six years.

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