All deposits (direct credit, automatic payment, cash or cheque) Free
Cash withdrawal at counter Free
Automatic payments  
Per transaction Free

To set up an automatic payment

Direct debits  
Per transaction Free
Set up a direct debit Free
Bill payments  
Per transaction Free
Set up, alter or cancel a bill payment Free
To any other First Credit Union account Free
To any bank account in NZ Free
Debit MasterCard®  
New or replacement card fee $15 per card
Admin fee $5 six monthly
Eftpos charges, including contactless** $0.25
Foreign Currency Fee 2.25% of the $NZ amount
ATM’s (per transaction)  
Bank ATM – balance enquiry $2.00
Bank ATM – withdrawal $2.00
Declined transaction $2.00
International transactions (including online purchases)  
EFTPOS incl contactless (per transaction) 80c
ATM (per transaction) $9.00
Service Fees  
Account management or monthly base fee Free
Phone/Internet Banking access (per month) Free
Overdraft management fee (per month) Free
Cash handling fee Free
Disputed transaction $50
Foreign Cheque Fee $5

Note: Fees are charged at the end of each day.

*Some merchants may apply a charge for using contactless technology or for internet transactions; it is a merchant responsibility to notify you of any additional charges at the time of sale. These are usually added to purchase price.

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