All deposits (direct credit, automatic payment, cash or cheque) Free
Cash withdrawal at counter Free
Personal cheque* Free
Automatic payments  
Per transaction Free

To set up an automatic payment

Direct debits  
Per transaction Free
Set up a direct debit Free
Bill payments  
Per transaction Free
Set up, alter or cancel a bill payment Free
To any other First Credit Union account Free
To any bank account in NZ Free
Eftpos transaction 25c
Declined transactions (per transaction) 25c  
AccessDebit MasterCard®  
New or replacement card fee $15 per card
Admin fee $5 six monthly
Eftpos charges, including Tap & Go** $0.25
Foreign Currency Fee 2.25% of the $NZ amount
ATM’s (per transaction)  
Credit Union ATM – balance enquiry Free
Credit Union ATM – withdrawal Free
Bank ATM – balance enquiry $2.00
Bank ATM – withdrawal $2.00
Declined transaction $2.00
Txt banking  
Per Text Sent 50c
Overseas transactions  
EFTPOS (per transaction) 80c
ATM (per transaction) $9.00
Service Fees  
Account management or monthly base fee Free
Phone/Internet Banking access (per month) Free
Overdraft management fee (per month) Free
Cash handling fee Free

* Government cheque duty of $2.50 per 50 cheques is withdrawn from your account when you order a cheque book.

**Some merchants may apply a charge for using PayPass or for internet transactions; it is a merchant responsibility to notify you of any additional charges at the time of sale. These are usually added to purchase price.

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