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We offer a range of resources and tools to our members. We're here to help you get ahead.

Become a Member

Becoming a member of First Credit Union is easy! You can fill out a membership form online or in branch.

Saving & Money Management

If you want help to manage your budget, just ask! We have a team of staff able to help you figure out where you're at and help you get back on track.


Our members can use any credit union ATM machine in New Zealand for free. We have listed each ATM location in NZ, so you can see where you won't be charged fees!


The videos on this page are a selection of our past TV advertisements and educational videos about credit union's and how they work.


What is a Credit Union? Who can become a member of First Credit Union? Find out the answers here!

Save on Fees

Don't get caught out with fees! See here for tips on how to save on fees.


You can view all of our fees here.

Non Standard Fees

The following fees are charged at the discretion of First Credit Union staff.

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