Text Banking

Check account balances and transfer money anytime or place!

All it costs is 50 cents per text, which will be debited from your S1 account.

Visit a branch today to set up text banking or call us.

Using Text Banking

Send all your texts to 8880.

Check Your balance

Text the following to 8880 for your account balances:

For savings balances text bal
For loan accounts balances text ball
For investment accounts text bali

Transfer Funds

Contact us to set up the accounts you wish to transfer money between and we'll give you an account transfer number. (EG. T1 = from your Everyday account to your Billpay account).

To make a transfer between your accounts, just text your account transfer number, followed by a space, followed by the amount you wish to transfer in whole dollars.

For example, to transfer $20 between the accounts specified in transfer number 1 text T1 20 to 8880. Do not use a dollar sign, decimal point or any other symbols.

Make Bill Payments

If you already have private bill payments set up for internet or phone banking, then the same list is available for text banking.

Simply text B# (the number of the payee) and the amount to 8880 to make your payment.

Get Mini Statements

Contact us and let us know what accounts you want to receive mini statements for.

Text ST# to 8880 where # is the option number loaded against the account type. Text ST1 to 8880 for the first account type loaded.

Safety Tips

It is very important to keep your account information safe.

  • Delete all texts containing your account info (both sent and received).
  • Use your cell phone's "phone lock" function if it has one.
  • If you lose your phone, or if it is stolen, ask your cell phone provider to get your phone barred. Then call us and we'll cancel text banking until you get a new phone.
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