school sustainability fundSchool Sustainability Fund

We’re big on helping the environment, so we want to help your school out with environmental projects!

We have an annual fund of $5000, and schools can apply for money from this fund to go towards environmental projects. Let us know what your school or class project is and how much money you need to make it happen and you could be one of the lucky schools to receive funding!

The fund provides one-off grants to student-led projects that directly enhance and benefit the environment whilst providing learning opportunities for children.

So who's eligible?

Schools that participate in our School Banking Programme can apply to the fund. Proposals designed to generate personal or commercial profit or compensate individuals are not eligible for funding.

What type of projects can be funded?

We will consider any project! Nothing is too big or small, it could be something as simple as needing $100 to get some more recycling bins for your school. Projects we have granted money for in the past include composting bins, school vegetable gardens and worm farms.

How do I apply?

Download and complete our application form. There is no deadline, you can apply throughout the year.

*Terms and conditions apply
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