Keep Safe FAQs

Do I have to use Keep Safe questions?

Yes. The Keep Safe questions are designed to give our members extra security when using First Credit Union’s Internet Banking.


What do you mean by ‘Keep Safe’?

Adding an extra layer of security, Keep Safe questions are the online authentication tool that First Credit Union uses in their Internet Banking to protect members.


How does it work?

Keep Safe security questions rely on you getting the right answers to questions you have pre-selected. The questions you answer when logging in could be the ones that we have provided for you, or personal ones- chosen by you.

Tip: Make sure you choose questions that you will easily be able to answer!


How do I answer them?

You will see a row of empty boxes, and of these two will be highlighted/ white coloured. You only need to enter the two letters/ numbers of these two boxes.

Note: Choose the letters/ numbers on the screen to answer the question, DO NOT USE YOUR KEYBOARD.

For example, below the answer is ‘ADDRESS’, however, you only need select ‘D’ and ‘D’ to answer the question.









You have three attempts to answer your question correctly, after this you will be returned to the login screen and your access will be disabled, and you will need to contact us to enable it.


Can I change my Keep Safe questions?

You can change your Keep Safe questions under the Settings menu while logged into Internet Banking.


Having troubles using the Keep Safe questions?

Give us a call or visit your nearest branch for assistance.


Can’t remember your answer?

Make sure you choose questions and answers that are easy to remember and spell!

Give us a call to reset your Keep Safe question.



  • First Credit Union will never ask you what your questions are
  • First Credit Union will never ask for the full answers on our Internet Banking site
  • Make sure you are only accessing Internet Banking through the green login button on the First Credit Union website
  • If you have any concerns or questions please contact us immediately
  • Keep your Internet Banking username, password and Keep Safe questions safe






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