Your Card

How do I apply for a First Credit Union Mastercard Debit?

You will need to complete an application to get a card. You can do this online, by visiting your nearest branch or calling us and we will send one out to you.


What does it cost?

Check out our fee schedule to find out all the costs related to the First credit Union Debit Mastercard.


When will I get my card?

Your First Credit Union Debit Mastercard will be mailed to you. You can expect to receive your card within five (5) business days.

If you are receiving a new card including new card number, your four-digit PIN number will be pre-allocated to you by us and advised by separate PIN mailer a few days later.

You have the option of changing your PIN to one of your own choice at any time (including when you advise your PIN has been lost or stolen) by visiting your nearest First Credit Union branch.


What happens if I don’t receive my card in the mail?

If you haven’t received the card you ordered in the mail within five business please give us a call.


What happens if I don’t receive my PIN mailer?

If you don’t receive the PIN mailer (which contains your pre-allocated PIN), you can either call into a branch to get a new PIN loaded on your card or we can arrange for a new card and pin to be mailed to you.


What happens when my card expires?

When your First Credit Union Mastercard Debit is about to expire we’ll send you a new one in the mail.

It will come ready to use- with your current PIN loaded, you will just need to activate it in an ATM.


How do I cancel my card?

If you want to cancel your card, please give us a call or visit your nearest branch.


Authorisations and Declined Transactions

What happens if I don’t have any money in my account?

We will link your First Credit Union Mastercard Debit to one of your accounts (see below for which accounts you can attach a card to). If you don’t have any money in your account, your transaction will be declined.

If your account goes into an unauthorised overdraft, you may be charged an Overdraft (unarranged) fee.

To see our fees click here.


What accounts can I link my First Credit Union Mastercard Debit to?

You can link it to any of the following accounts:

  • Everyday Account
  • Special Purpose Account
  • Bill Pay Account

You just need to advise us at the time of ordering your card what account you want it linked to.


Why is there a difference between my available balance and current balance?

When you use Mastercards contactless technology as a payment method the funds take a little longer to clear from your account therefore the differences in available and current.


Fraud and security

Lost, damaged or stolen cards

You must notify us immediately if:

  • Your card is lost or stolen
  • Your PIN becomes known to someone else

You will be required to provide information of how the loss occurred.

If the loss of card occurs outside normal business hours immediately notify us on 0800 462 347.

If you are outside of New Zealand call +64 9 212 5080 collect.


What should I do if I notice transactions on my account that aren’t mine?

If you think a transaction shown on your statement is incorrect, you can dispute it, provided you notify us in writing within 60 days from the date of the transaction.


How do I dispute a transaction?

If you dispute any transaction, you must notify us in writing within 60 days of date of the transaction.

Once you have notified us of the disputed transaction we will investigate the matter and acknowledge your complaint within five days. Failure to report the incorrect, invalid or unauthorised transaction within 60 days of the date of the transaction will mean we cannot reverse the transaction and you will have to pay for it.


If you have any further questions regarding your First Credit Union Mastercard Debit please give us a call or visit your nearest branch- our staff will be more than happy to help.

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