First Credit Union Debit Mastercard® Fees & Charges

Card Fees  
New or replacement card fee $15 per card
Admin Fee $5 six monthly
Transaction Fees  
Cash withdrawal Bank ATM $2.00
Enquiries and declines Bank ATM $2.00
Eftpos charges, including contactless technology $0.25
International Transactions (including online purchases)  
ATM (per transaction)** $9.00***
Eftpos transactions including contactless $0.80
Foreign currency fee 2.25% of the $NZ amount
Service Charges  
Disputed transaction $50


*Some merchants may apply a charge for using contactless technology or for internet transactions; it is a merchant responsibility to notify you of any additional charges at the time of sale. These are usually added to purchase price.
**Some ATMs may also apply a surcharge to withdrawals from their ATMs. This should be drawn to your attention before you proceed with your transaction. This surcharge amount will be added to your withdrawal amount, converted to New Zealand dollars (if required) and debited to your account with your withdrawal.
***Includes settlement and ATM interchange fees.


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