Online Savings Account

Manage your savings online!

Account Benefits

  • Make as many withdrawals and deposits as you like for free, as long as you do them through internet banking and phone banking
  • Get a great interest rate of 2.50% p.a, with interest calculated daily and paid monthly.

How do I open an Online Savings Account?

You can open an Online Savings Account if you’re not a member of First Credit Union, however, to withdraw money or make transfers from your Online Account to another NZ bank, you will need to have an S1 Everyday Account with us.

How does the Online Savings Account work?

Members are rewarded through high interest only when they use electronic methods of banking. Money can be transferred in to the account, and as long as it is done electronically, there’s no fees!

How do I make deposits into the Online Savings Account?

Deposits can be made directly from other bank accounts through direct credits, automatic payments or transfers. Cash deposits or transfers can be made by a teller or staff member from the call centre, however, these types of transactions will incur a fee.

What is the minimum deposit?

There is no minimum deposit required to open this account and no minimum balance is required to maintain the account.

What are the fees?

There are no fees for transactions made online or through phone banking - BUT if you use a staff member from the Call Centre or Tellers to do transactions on your account, you will incur a fee.

How can I access the money in my Online Savings Account?

Everyone that has an Online Savings Account with First Credit Union is also required to have an Everyday Account. To access the funds in your Online Savings Account, you will need to transfer the funds to your Everyday Account, and then funds can be accessed through the normal channels such as ATM, Eftpos or in-branch (fees will apply).

Can I set up Automatic Payments, transfers or Direct Debits to go from the Online Savings Account to other accounts?

Unfortunatley, no! The Online Savings Account is strictly a savings account. First Credit Union has other accounts such as the Bill Pay Account or Everyday Account that can be used for transferring out and paying bills.

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