Loan Provider Account 

Come out of debt with savings!

When you take out a personal loan with us you are required to open a Loan Provider Account and deposit a minimum of $5 per week into it. That way you come out of debt with savings!

About Benefits

  • You'll earn a great interest rate of 3% p.a.
  • Build a savings history with us, which will help with future loan applications
  • Funds in your Loan Provider Account can be used as security for a personal loan
  • You can't touch the money in there until your personal loan has been paid off

Credit Unions are all about encouraging thrift

Our staff will help you stick to the 14 day notice of withdrawal condition. You will need to wait two weeks before we release the funds – that way you’re not tempted to withdraw money from your savings unless you really need it!

Open an Account

Visit one of our branches or call us to open a Loan Provider Account!

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