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We encourage all our members to save!

And we offer a variety of savings accounts with great interest rates!

Special Purpose Account

Customise the name of our Special Purpose Saving Account to keep you focused on what you're saving for - from 21st party to mag wheels, you can call it anything!

Travel Savings Account

Our Travel Savings Account makes it easy for you to add saving for a holiday into your budget! With a great interest rate of 2.50%, you'll be packing your bags in no time!

Loan Provider Account

When you take out a personal loan with us, you are required to open a Loan Provider Savings Account and deposit a minimum of $5 per week. This way you come out of debt with savings!

Christmas Club Account

Our Christmas Club savings account will help you be ready for the silly season! Save as little as $5 a week and you will have $260* to spend over the festive season. Funds become available in November, so you can't dip into it during the year!

Online Savings Account

You manage your Online Savings Account through phone and internet banking, while earning a great interest rate of 2.50% p.a.

Money Maker Account

The Money Maker Account has tiered interest rates, so the more you save the more interest you earn. This account has on-call access and maximum flexibility.

Transaction and Savings Account Rates

Check out our transaction and savings account rates!

Savings Tips

The more money you save now the better off you will be in the future. Check out our savings tips - remember every little bit you save makes a difference!

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