Privacy Acknowledgement

Privacy Acknowledgement

Authorisation by Applicant(s) and Guarantor(s) for use and disclosure of information

Pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993, I/We acknowledge that:

1. I/We understand that the information will be used to assess my/our credit worthiness and financial position, to process my/our application.

2. I/we authorise First Credit Union to:

  • make enquiries about me/us and disclose and obtain any additional information First Credit Union considers necessary, including checking driver licence/s information with NZ Transport Agency,
  • disclose my/our personal information (including payment default information) to potential or actual assignees, to insurers and other third parties that may have or may intend to take security over any of my/our assets, to credit rating and credit reporting agencies and any other person that First Credit Union may appoint to collect any outstanding debt from me/us.

3. I/We declare that the information I/we have provided in this application is true and correct.

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