Consolidate your debt & pay ZERO FEES

First Credit Union has been helping members achieve their goals, within their means for over 60 years!

Many credit cards, hire purchases, and personal loans offered by finance companies are charging over 20% p.a interest!

They offer cards and products with “interest free” periods and deferred payments, which are convenient at the time, but what happens after the interest   free / deferred payment time elapses? That’s when it starts to hurt your pocket.

Re-think your high interest debt with a First Credit Union personal loan, it’s what we do best!

Our personal loans offer:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Zero set up, application or establishment fees
  • And Flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments

So if your finances are in need of a tidy up and you’re tired of paying high interest, talk to us about combining all your debts into one loan* and pay ZERO fees.


Apply online or in any of our branches.




*Normal lending criteria apply.    
Normal floating rates range from 10.85% p.a to a maximum of 19.50% p.a. on 36 to 48 month term.  Maximum 4 year term
No application fees and no early repayment penalties
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