Frequently Asked Questions

What is a core banking system? Why is First Credit Union upgrading its core system?

As our membership continues to grow we need to think about the products and services we offer members, and it is important to us that we improve and expand what we offer our members. Our new core banking system will allow us to better handle growth and means we have a platform to develop our Online and Mobile banking services.


When is the upgrade happening?

First Credit Union will begin the upgrade on Friday 08 September at 7pm until Sunday 10 September. We’ll be working through the weekend to get the new system up and running, however some of our services will be unavailable during this time.


Can I still access my account during this time?

  • Internet, Phone and Mobile Banking will be not be available from 7pm Friday 08 September, until the upgrade is successful (remember: keep an eye on our facebook page for updates).
  • All main centre branches (Hamilton, Greerton, Rotorua and Whakatane) will be open 9am- 2pm Sunday 10 September to help members PIN their new BLUE cards (if applicable) and assist with Internet Banking and Mobile Banking queries.
  • Our Call Centre will be open 9am - 9pm Saturday 09 September and Sunday 10 September for general enquiries only. Note: They will not have access to the system to perform transactions on your account.
  • Keep using your White First Credit Union Debit Card until we advise that the new system is up and running. This is when you can start using your new BLUE card (and new pin).


What about payments I have scheduled to go out of my account during this time?

  • Any payments (direct debits or automatic payments) that you have scheduled will go out as normal.
  • You will be unable to set up any NEW payments after this time (until the system is back up and running).


What about payments I normally have coming into my account overnight on a Friday?

If you normally have money coming into your First Credit Union account overnight on a Friday, it won't be available until the system is back up and running.


Will my account number(s) stay the same?

For the majority of our members their account number(s) will remain the same, however for a small number of members you will be given a new member number. We will communicate directly with these members.


Is my information safe and secure?

Absolutely! The security and privacy of your information is our priority, and our new core banking system will provide additional features to protect you further.


What is changing?

Most of the big changes are happening in the background, however, as mentioned in the August edition of our Firstword newsletter it’s important that you are aware of the following:

  • We have a new debit card. We will be sending out a new BLUE debit card for members who have used their cards in the last three months. If you haven’t used yours since the end of May 2017, we won’t be sending one to you, however, if you would like one visit your nearest branch and we will organise to get one sent out to you as soon as we can. 
  • You will need to download our new Mobile Banking App. In September our NEW Mobile Banking App will be available from the Google Play or Apple App Store. You can use this once our new system is working. To login for the first time use your Member Number and Internet Banking password.
  • Internet Banking has had a makeover. To get to the new site click on the green Internet Banking login button at the top of our website, you will notice that our Internet Banking site has had a colour change. To log in please use your member number (as username) and current Internet Banking password. We’ve added in some “keep safe” questions for extra protection for our members, you will need to set these up when you first log in to the site. The old internet banking site will no longer be active on the new system, so remove it from your “favourites”.
  • Statements can be viewed on Internet Banking. We will start uploading your account statements on Internet Banking in the new system. If you are signed up to receive email statements you will need to register for Internet Banking so that you can view your statements online. If you would like to stop receiving paper statements please give us a call or visit your nearest branch.
  • We’ve got a new account for 12- 14 year olds! Our new Youth Account is all about rewarding our members for saving and each month we will have three awesome prizes up for grabs! More information about the new Youth account is coming!
  • We’re simplifying Phone Banking. When you give us a call you will be able to check your balance and last few transactions- saving you time. You will no longer be able to do Bill payments by phone banking, however, these can still be done through Internet Banking. To ensure that you can continue to easily make your Bill Payments load them up on Internet Banking as soon as possible. If you would like some help with this give our Call Centre a call.
  • We will no longer offer Text Banking. Our FREE Mobile Banking App does everything (and more) that you could do on Text Banking.


Will there be anyone available to help me on that weekend?

Yes. Our staff are committed to our members and ensuring that this change is as smooth as possible. If you need to speak to someone, you can visit our Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga or Whakatane branches- they will be open 9am- 2pm on Sunday 10 September to answer your questions and reset PINs on cards sent out (if you wish).

You can also give us a call, or send us a message on Facebook.


We’ll be doing our best to make sure that we get the new system up and running with as little downtime as possible, however, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you “survive” the weekend we upgrade our system.

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