We've upgraded our system!

You can  now use your new BLUE card!

Received your new BLUE card?

Great! Please find below some Frequently Asked Questions about the new cards:

When can I start using my new card?

The new BLUE cards will be active once we have upgraded our system in September. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out when you can start using it.

When will my old card stop working?

Once we have upgraded our system in September you will no longer be able to use your old card. Please destroy this card once we have advised you to switch to the blue one.

I have received more than one card for my account.

If you have several cards attached to your account (Eftpos or Debit), and have used them in the last three months then you will receive a new BLUE Debit Card to replace each of these cards. If you don't want all the cards you have been sent, simply visit your nearest branch and we will cancel it for you.

We have a joint account, but received two cards with the same name on them

Chances are the second card is meant for the other person on your joint account. We are working on reissuing cards to ensure this is corrected.

I have more than one account at First Credit Union, how do I know what card belongs to which?

Simply give us a call (make sure you have the card handy) and we will be able to let you know which account the cards belong to.

What about my Eftpos card?

First Credit Union will no longer offer Eftpos cards, so if you previously had one this will be replaced with a new Debit Card*.

What am I being charged for my new card?

Nothing! We are replacing the cards for FREE so that you continue to have access to your funds once our system has been upgraded.

Will my old PIN number work on the new card?

No, for your convenience we have already loaded a PIN onto your new card. You will receive it in the next few days. If you want to change your PIN number you can do this when you next visit a branch.

Haven't received a card yet?

If you have used your card in the last three months, but haven't yet received your replacement BLUE one, please give us a call.

Changed address recently?

If you have changed your address recently, but not let us know please do so immediately so that if any cards have been sent to you we can cancel them.


If you have any further queries, please visit your nearest branch, give us a call or message us on Facebook.


*For members 15 years of age and older.


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