Money History

Do you know much about the history of money in New Zealand? Here are some facts!

1858: British coins were made legal tender in New Zealand, that means people could use money from England to buy things!
1 February 1935: New Zealand got its own money, no longer using British coins.
10 July 1967: New Zealand started using the currency we have today - dollars and cents. Before that we had the pound stirling!
31 March 1989: 1 and 2 cent coins stopped being used.
December 1990: A new 20 cent coin was introduced to replace the old 20 cent coin.
11 February 1991: New $1 and $2 coins were introduced to replace the $1 and $2 notes.
31 July 2006: New Zealand got all new coins, and 5 cent coins stopped being used.


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