Savings Tips

jimmy jumper saving moneyHey kids, here are some savings tips that super savers use!

Save before you spend!

Put your savings money into an account separate to your spending money as soon as you get it. That way you won't be tempted to spend it, AND if you put it in a savings account like First Credit Union's Online Savings Account you will earn interest!

Set savings goals

Want a new bike? Set yourself a savings goal! That way you will be motivated to stick at it and not spend all your savings on junk! Write down how much you need to save, decide how long you want to save up for, then work out how much you need to put aside each week.

Be a smart shopper

Hunt around for the best prices! Don't spend all your money at the first shop you walk in to - it might not have the best deal!

You can only spend your money ONCE - remember once you have spent your money that's it, so make wise spending choices.

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