Tertiary Account FAQ's

Am I eligible for a Tertiary Account?

To be eligible for this account you must be in full time study at an educational institute reconised by the Ministry of Education. You will be asked to provide proof of your enrolment when you open this account.

How long can I have a Tertiary Account for?

Only while you are in full time study. We will review your account each year and ask that you provide proof of on-going study. When you are no longer studying, your account will be changed to an Everyday Account.

Am I eligible for an interest free overdraft?

Everyone with a tertiary account is able to apply for an interest free overdraft, however, normal lending criteria apply. This means we will do some checks on you to make sure you're good for the money!

How much will I be charged to get an overdraft?

If you are approved to get an overdraft there will be a $2.00 monthly management fee that you will be charged.

How do I apply for a Tertiary Account?

Apply online , in branch or contact our call centre and request application form to be sent out.


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