Eftpos Cards

Lost/Stolen Card Hotline: 0800 800 147

Eftpos can be used at any Eftpos outlet or ATM in New Zealand.

Get your FREE* Eftpos Card while you wait at one of our branches.  We’ll issue your card and load a PIN number on site (you can choose your own PIN). Your card is ready for Eftpos use straight away.


  • Eftpos: 25 cents per transaction
  • ATM: any transaction - including account balances and withdrawing cash

Save on fees

The big banks charge heavily for non-customers using their ATMs – even to check account balances - and we have to pass these costs on to you. You’ll save fees by getting cash out when you make an Eftpos purchase rather than using a bank ATM, and by avoiding use of other bank's ATM's to check your balance - Call our FREE phone banking instead, 24 hours a day.

There are many credit union ATM’s around NZ you can use for free – click here to see a list of ATM’s throughout NZ that are free for all First Credit Union members to use.

How soon can I use my card?

Your card is ready for Eftpos use straight away. But you will need to wait until the next working day to use your card in an ATM machine.

Please contact us if you would like more information on Eftpos cards.

*Our members get their first three cards free. Replacement cards thereafter cost $15.